Rojas Advisors was founded by Mr. Hugo Adalberto Rojas Salcedo. In our history we have specialized in immigration matters before the National Institute of Migration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Registry of Foreign Investments. ROJAS ADVISORS was founded in 2010, with the aim of providing comprehensive consulting and personalized service to our clients.
About us
• We are an office with more than 30 years of expertise, founded by Mr. Hugo Adalberto Rojas Salcedo. In our history we have specialized in immigration matters before the National Institute of Migration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Registry of Foreign Investments.Inversiones Extranjeras.

• In 2010 we decided to found ROJAS ADVISORS, with the main objective of providing a comprehensive and personalized consultancy. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we can offer solutions in terms of the following services: Legal, Actuarial, Consulting on foreign matters (migration, nationality, investment foreign companies, industrial and intellectual property, etc.), among others. Our constant updating and group of professionals have a common goal... The satisfaction of our clients based on the quality and results of our services.


Provide professional and reliable services to obtain the best results for our clients with satisfactory, innovative and functional projects.


To be a legal and multidisciplinary firm of national prestige and transcendence beyond our borders, applying our values ​​of loyalty, certainty and veracity that have supported our firm for over 30 years of expertise.


Serving the interests of each client in a professional and committed manner, offering real, positive and comprehensive solutions to their needs, with the certainty of offering results that meet their expectations.


We have a team of professionals and specialists, constantly updating their knowledge, who add value and solutions according to the needs of each service that Rojas Advisors offers.


(Trusts, real estate, companies)


Consulting, analysis and procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs such as permits for Domain Transfer Trust Contracts in favor of foreigners, Real Estate Acquisition Notices by Mexican companies with a Foreigner Admission clause, Waiver Agreements, to name a few. We also carry out a review of files and documentation or Due diligence for real estate operations (purchases and sales with mortgage guarantee, domain transfer trusts, etc.)


Before the Ministry of Economy and in particular before the National Registry of Foreign Investments, we carry out various procedures for fiduciary institutions such as Registration of trusts where the participation of foreign capital appears, transfers of rights, extensions to the duration and/or assets, extinctions total or partial trusts, etc. As well as procedures in favor of companies that range from the authorization of use of denomination to the obligations of those in which foreign capital participates so that they can comply with the obligations framed by the Law regarding the National Registry of Foreign Investments.

The consultancy, analysis, preparation and processing of processes before the National Institute of Migration dependent on the Ministry of the Interior such as: regularization and obtaining legal stay of foreigners through internment authorizations (work and family unit visas), visitor with remunerated activities, change of status of stay or extension of activities, exchange and obtaining of migratory document as Temporary Resident or Permanent Resident with its different modalities: technician, position of trust, rentier, investor, athlete, artist, relative, etc., among others.


Procedures and obtaining visas as well as legalization of documents that are required for the same purposes before the different Consular Representations in our Country.


Processes for obtaining Mexican Nationality in its different ways by Naturalization before the Directorate of Nationality dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Advice on industrial property law before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Economy, such as: Registration of trademarks and patents, commercial advertisements, industrial designs, conservation of trademark rights, registration of powers of attorney, defense of trademark rights before the authority itself and when required by the corresponding judicial instances (such as the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice).


Advice and consultancy regarding intellectual property rights before the National Institute of Copyright, dependent on the Ministry of Public Education, such as: registration of literary, musical, sculptural works, reservations of rights of magazines, web pages, characters fictitious, registration of contracts and preparation of the same, etc.

Actuarial advice and consultancy specializing in employee benefits, with experience and certification in Contingent Labor Liabilities.


We have the qualification to offer the same specialized services for companies in both the public and private sectors and, if required, to comply with actuarial results reports under both Financial Reporting Standards in Mexico, such as USGAAP and the applicable International Standards (IAS)


Our actuaries are in constant training to guarantee the technical quality of the work.

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to venture into various fields, offering professional consulting services to individuals, companies, groups and organizations.


Our consultancies can guide you from the first approaches with your clients, with which we will be able to elaborate diagnoses, planning, analysis and capture important points, to elaborate solutions with options and proposals adjusting them to the needs that your company requires.



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